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Support the development of close reading skills with this worksheet composed of challenging questions designed to help high school students analyze Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like It. With a focus on Act 4, scene 3, this resource saves teachers valuable time without sacrificing academic rigor. An answer key is provided. Materials are delivered as printable PDFs and Word Documents. By completing this exercise, students will:

  • Identify what the text states explicitly
  • Interpret figurative language
  • Analyze how complex characters interact
  • Analyze nuances in word meanings
  • Discern the tone of a character’s remarks
  • Determine the function of a character’s dialogue
  • Apply knowledge of literary devices including personification, metaphor, and dramatic irony
  • Articulate a theme that is reinforced by Ganymede’s fainting episode
  • Identify the best example of a dynamic character in the context of the scene
  • Support claims with relevant evidence and sound reasoning
  • Write ideas with clarity and precision