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Reduce teacher workload and measure reading comprehension with this bundle of printable quizzes covering the entirety of Shakespeare’s As You Like It. Materials are delivered in editable Word Document and PDF formats. Information on each resource follows.

Act 1 Quiz.  Students will demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Orlando’s complaint about his brother
  • Oliver’s devious plans for his brother
  • The cause of Oliver’s hatred for Orlando
  • The banishment of Duke Senior
  • The characterization of Duke Senior
  • The characterization of Rosalind
  • Rosalind’s belief regarding love
  • Rosalind’s request of Duke Frederick
  • Orlando’s perspective on facing danger
  • The cause of Celia’s shame toward her father
  • Duke Frederick’s shifting attitude toward Rosalind
  • Rosalind’s banishment
  • Touchstone’s agreement to travel with Rosalind and Celia

Act 2 Quiz. Students will demonstrate knowledge of:

  • “Sweet are the uses of adversity”
  • Jaques’ stated reason for not hunting
  • The fundamental goodness of Adam
  • Oliver’s homicidal intentions
  • Comparing Rosalind and Orlando’s plights
  • Corin’s efforts to console a lovesick Silvius
  • Celia and Rosalind’s big purchase
  • Jaques’ combativeness and its effect on others
  • Jaques’ motivations for becoming a jester
  • An assumption that turns out to be ill-informed
  • The metaphorical language of Duke Senior

Act 3 Quiz. Students will demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Duke Frederick’s newest command of Oliver
  • Orlando’s love poem
  • Touchstone’s mockery
  • Touchstone and Corin’s debate over what constitutes a moral person
  • Corin’s lack of education
  • Rosalind’s concern about Orlando finding her attractive
  • Rosalind’s offer to help cure Orlando of love
  • Touchstone’s flirtatiousness with Audrey
  • Celia’s criticism of Orlando
  • Silvius’ feelings toward Phebe
  • The characterization of Phebe
  • The reason for Rosalind’s agitation
  • Phebe’s romantic feelings toward Rosalind

Act 4 Quiz. Students will demonstrate knowledge of:

  • The interaction between Jaques and Rosalind
  • Jaques’ assertions about his mental state
  • Jaques’ character motivations
  • Orlando’s tardiness
  • Rosalind’s artificial anger
  • Rosalind and Orlando’s role playing lesson
  • “Men have died from time to time and worms have eaten them, but not for love.”
  • A fake wedding ceremony
  • Silvius’ continued affection for Phebe
  • The content of a letter Phebe sends Ganymede
  • Rosalind’s comments on how Phebe can prove her love
  • Oliver’s unexpected appearance and character transformation
  • Orlando’s heroism

Act 5 Quiz. Students will demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Touchstone’s comments about a young forest-dweller
  • The nature of the conversation between Touchstone and the forest-dweller
  • Oliver’s intentions as he moves forward in life
  • Orlando’s feelings about the abruptness of Celia and Oliver’s engagement
  • Ganymede’s promise to Orlando
  • Phebe’s assessment of Ganymede’s behavior
  • Audrey’s excitement about marriage
  • Touchstone’s driving motive for marrying Audrey
  • Jaques’ allusion to Noah’s Ark
  • A conversation between Jaques and Touchstone
  • Hymen’s attendance
  • The most dynamic character in Act 5
  • Duke Frederick’s intentions as he moves forward in life
  • Duke Senior’s intentions as he moves forward in life
  • Jaques’ assessment of the marriage between Touchstone and Audrey