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Here are ready-to-go poster/graphic organizers for your students to research Asian animals. Includes posters for the following animals: panda bears, binturongs, red-crowned cranes, king cobras, komodo dragons, pangolins, red pandas, snow leopards, takins, macaque monkeys, tigers, and tarsiers. It also includes 2 additional Generic Sheets to use with any additional animals.

Want more animals?  Save $$! This set is included in the Animal Research MEGA BUNDLE.

Animal Research Poster Activity Sheets 8.5″ x 11″

Includes 4 Versions (14 pages each):

Version 1: U.S. Spelling with Sources box.

Version 2: U.S. Spelling without Sources box.

Version 3: UK/CAN/AUS Spelling with Sources box.

Version 4: UK/CAN/AUS Spelling without Sources box.

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What the animal looks like.



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