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This is a set of activities for teaching the associative property of multiplication. It includes both independent work and centers.


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  • Associative Property Puzzles

  • Associative Property Matching Activity

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Includes the definition of the associative property and an example.



This is a set of 20 individual three-piece puzzles. . Each one shows a multiplication expression written two ways (with the order of the factors switched) and the product. Students must match all three pieces up in order to complete a puzzle.



This activity includes 18 cards that can be sorted into groups of three that go together. Each matching set of cards has a multiplication problem with the same three factors but written or grouped in a different order. When put together correctly, each set of three cards will spell out a word. Student record the words they make on their recording sheet along with the product for each set of cards.



These let students practice this concept in a variety of ways.


Worksheet 1 is a cut-and-paste activity that involves matching equal expressions when the order of factors is different.


Worksheet 2, also cut-and-paste, requires students to determine if pairs of expressions are equal or not equal based on the factors being used.


Worksheet 3 requires students to write an expression in two different ways by placing the parentheses in a different spot. They will solve both equations to show that the product is the same regardless of how the factors are grouped.