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Are you looking for a middle school vocabulary program that is age appropriate and instantly applicable? This program addresses synonyms, antonyms, multiple meanings, plurals/past tense, pronouns, analogies and noun-verb agreement through theme based seasonal vocabulary.

Many of our students did not master seasonal vocabulary when it was introduced in younger grades. These terms are often not taught again but consistently show up on standardized testing measures. If they aren’t re-introduced to our students so they can gain mastery, they may never learn them. That is why this approach has been a vital part of my own therapy sessions. Students’ eyes light up when they finally understand words that they have heard used by teachers, peers, and on TV.

The August Pack contains 5 unit themes including : Picnic, Vacation, Swimming, Soccer and Farmer’s Market.

Middle school students like the mature format. Therapists like the no prep, ink friendly print and go format. Everyone likes that the students are learning terms in a stress free way.

You can use one or all 7 of the pages for the theme based upon your student’s individual needs. Pages can be reviewed or completed for homework. 

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