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Engage your students with this reading digital escape room and they will be learning all about author’s purpose in a fun and immersive way.  Your students will dive right into this interactive, digital escape room as they review author’s purpose, PIE’ED, point of view and perspective.  This winter escape room activity will have your students fully engaged in reviewing these important reading skills, while also developing collaborative working skills too.  This NO PREP reading escape room is easy to use in the classroom.  Simply share the link with the students and let them go.  This reading digital escape room is filled with 8 author’s purpose activities students will access.  The activities include fun and interactive activities like puzzles, video and audio.  There’s even tips and hints built into the escape room that students can use as a tool.  It’s a wonderful culminating activity to review what students have learned about author’s purpose.  Great for Fun Friday or the days before Christmas or Winter break too!  But don’t let the fun fool you!  This escape room is filled with rigorous, skills-based author’s purpose activities. 

  • Author’s Purpose Reading Digital Escape Room includes:
  • A link to a 360 degree, immersive digital escape room
  • 8 author’s purpose activities
  • An Answer Key for Teachers
  • Reflection Sheet for students who finish the escape room activities

What activities are included in this Author’s Purpose Digital Escape Room?

  • crossword puzzle
  • jigsaw puzzle
  • word search
  • decoder
  • google form
  • 4 short (video-based) reading passages with 20 multiple-choice questions about author’s purpose, point of view, and perspective.

What Author’s Purpose and Reading Skills are covered?

  • What is the author’s purpose in this passage?
  • What is the author’s main point?
  • Which reason (or part of the passage) supports the author’s main point?
  • In what point of view is the text written?
  • What is the author’s perspective?
  • The reader knows . . . . because:
  • The author begins the passage with . . . because:
  • The author used the word . . . to communicate:
  • Which sentence tells the importance of . . .

What is a 360 Degree Escape Room?

This escape room uses 360 degree photo technology to drop students into the setting of the escape room.  Students must then navigate in 360 degrees in order to find all of the escape room challenges.

How Long Does It Take to Play This Author’s Purpose Reading Escape Room Game? 

We recommend that you allow about one hour to complete the author’s purpose digital escape room game. However, the digital escape room can be completed over multiple classes as long as the students keep their answer sheet open.

PLEASE NOTE: We highly recommend that you clear the computer’s cache after each group so that the answers are erased from the computer. This is because the computer will remember answers until you clear the cache. This means that if students from different classes use the same computers, the answers that the 1st class put in will be visible to the 2nd class.


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Google Forms

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