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Item description

This packet contains a convenient and portable visual communication tool for students with autism or expressive language deficits. 25 different communication category topics are provided each coming in 3 different sizes (8 square, 6 square and 4 square) totaling 75 communication cards.

The different sizes of communication cards within this product are provided to not only aid in the portability of the cards (larger cards on a lanyard, smaller on a wristlet etc) but also to assist students who have deficits in scanning large arrays. Each communication card has its own color to help the student to easily discriminate between the different cards and to help them find the desired board/communicative card and visual quickly and efficiently.

The different communication cards (by category) are as follows:








-I feel…



-School things

-School places

-School people


-I want…





-Want to watch

-It hurts


-How many?

-It is too….. (hot, cold etc)

-School actions (help me . . .)

With each topic/category, multiple communication visuals are provided.