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This Autotrophs PowerPoint and student activity will get your students excited about learning about plant structure and function AND allow them to create a summary of their learnings for later use in their home study in preparation for exams and unit tests.


Autotrophs PowerPoint includes information on:

  • Definition of autotroph
  • Plant cell hierarchy including examples
  • Plant structure and function (including the root and shoot systems)
  • Meristematic tissue
  • Dermal tissue
  • Vascular tissue
  • Ground tissue
  • Vascular and non-vascular plants and examples
  • Structure of the leaf and how it aids in its function
  • Gas exchange structures of leaves
  • Detailed notes on the stems and roots and how it aids its function
  • All slides are embedded with either pictures, diagrams, GIFs, videos or interactives!


Autotrophs Student worksheet:

  • An excellent summary of the PowerPoint
  • Not just copying notes but allows for students to understand the notes on the PowerPoint and apply it to the topic.
  • Includes summary questions, labelling activities and much more!


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