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These resources are perfect for the first few days and weeks of school. Eliminating the headaches and nerves of the first days of school is just a few clicks away with this resource! Included with this Back to School Activities Bundle are:


Back-to-School Night PowerPoint Presentation (editable) – This fully editable PowerPoint presentation will help ease the “Back-to-School Night” headache. Each of the 23 slides included comes with headers and prompts that will make planning your presentation easier, and it will ensure you make a strong first impression with your new class parents! A big help for teachers of grades K-6!


Back to School – Color by Sums and Color by Differences – These 12 Color by Sum and Color by Difference activities make for excellent math activities for the first week of school. Each of the 6 pictures is Back to School themed and the differentiated math facts reviewed make these great for any K-3 classroom!


Back to School – Student Inventories (Get-to-Know Me activities) – These student inventories will help you get to know your students and serve as fun ice-breakers for the first days of school. 5 different questionnaires are included, and questions range from silly/funny to thought-provoking. These activities also look great on bulletin boards for “Back-to-School Night!”


Back to School – 40 Elementary Writing Prompts for the Year – This is the biggest steal of a deal included in this resource! These 40 resources serve as excellent writing prompts that can be used throughout the year. Holiday prompts are included, as well as an assessment rubric, peer-review sheets, and self-review sheets. Use them as warm-ups, homework, writing centers, substitute work, and more! These prompts are fun and engaging for students in all grades 1-6.


Back to School – Follow the Bees Classroom Rules & Management Full Lesson Plan – This full lesson plan will allow students to participate in the creation of their new classroom’s rules. “Follow the Bees” as students create rules that the teacher then shapes into the 4 “bees:” BE SAFE, BE RESPECTFUL, BE RESPONSIBLE, and BE YOUR BEST SELF. Empower students, and increase how much they buy in to the rules they help create! This resource also includes a classroom management system that will have students rooting for one another, fostering a positive environment! Excellent for students in grades K-4.


Elementary Homework Log – This homework log allows students to take responsibility for writing their own homework down, and allows for easy parent-teacher communication in the “How Was My Day?” box. Having students write down their own homework also allows for spelling, writing, and handwriting practice at the end of each day!


******NOTE: I plan to add future “Back to School” resources to this bundle next year, and in coming years! So in essence, this bundle will grow! Grab it now and you will receive all future resources added to this bundle for FREE! (just re-download as new resources are added and they’re yours FREE!)