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This Coordinate Plane Review | Around the World Escape Room is a fun way to engage your middle schoolers in learning to read and write points on a coordinate plane! Travel to different places around the world while reinforcing how to read points on the cartesian plane and how to write points on the cartesian plane (drag and drop activity). Your students are bound to love this done-for-you digital escape room!

Your students will “visit” four different cities: Sydney, St. Petersburg, London and San Francisco.

In order to travel from one city to another, they will have to solve the problems

There are 40 problems:

20 reading points on the cartesian plane

20 writing points on the cartesian plane (drag and drop activity)

After completing each game, they will find a link that will take them to another location.

This activity is designed to work on laptops, tablets, or smartphones which makes it accessible to any of your learners and students!

Since this escape room is online (interactive pages), there is no prep; just provide the link, and off they go!

There are no locks to configure or clues to hide—everything you need is online. No Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams logins are necessary.

If they need to complete it on different days they just have to save the address at the top of the page and they will start back right where they left off.

Due to the Terms of Use of the font/clip artists and stock photo websites that I have purchased from, this product is not editable. Thank you for understanding.