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Back to School! This first grade spelling curriculum solves the problems and headaches that come with prepping centers activities and creating word lists in just a few clicks! Challenge your students while keeping them engaged and having fun all at the same time. Save time, money, and take back your weekends by grabbing everything you need with this one spelling resource!

This Yearlong Program Includes:

  • 36 weeks of word lists that align with Wilson Fundations and common first grade phonics skills.
  • Word cards and anchor charts to help you introduce each new list to students.
  • Pre-tests and differentiated assessment options to help you meet the needs of all learners.
  • 11 centers activities & games for each list (no prep), to help you save time and energy when it comes to planning your spelling or reading centers.
  • Re-do (re-teaching) sheets for each list, to help you re-teach and review missed words with students on an individual basis.
  • Blank templates that you can utilize to meet the needs of all learners, should a student need a simpler word list (just print the blank templates and write new words in on the lines for each activity).
  • A full preview with instructions and tips for implementing the program, and to help you get the most out of this resource.


Skills Covered for Each Weekly List Include:

Week 1 – Short A

Week 2 – Short E

Week 3 – Short I

Week 4 – Short O

Week 5 – Short U

Week 6 – Long A with silent-e

Week 7 – Long I with silent-e

Week 8 – Long O with silent-e

Week 9 – Long U with silent-e

Week 10 – Beginning Digraphs

Week 11 – Bossy-AR

Week 12 – Bossy-ER

Week 13 – Bossy-IR

Week 14 – Bossy-OR

Week 15 – Bossy-UR

Week 16 – AI & AY vowel teams

Week 17 – EE & EA vowel teams

Week 18 – EY vowel team & Y (long e)

Week 19 – OI & OY vowel teams

Week 20 – OA & OW vowel teams

Week 21 – OO vowel team

Week 22 – UE & EW vowel teams

Week 23 – AU & AW vowel teams

Week 24 – OU & OW vowel teams

Week 25 – Welded sounds: ALL, AM, AN

Week 26 – Welded sounds: ANG, ING, ONG, UNG

Week 27 – Welded sounds: ANK, INK, ONK, UNK

Week 28 – ED endings

Week 29 – Plurals

Week 30 – Long I (IE & IGH)

Week 31 – Double consonants

Week 32 -End digraphs

Week 33 – S Blends: SC, SK, SP, ST

Week 34 – S Blends: SL, SM, SN, SW

Week 35 – Contractions

Week 36 – Make your own word list template


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What grade is this resource created for?

A: This resource was created for first grade, however, it can be used for high level kindergarten learners, or as a boost for students struggling with second grade words.


Q: Can I preview this resource before buying it?

A: Yes, a nine-page preview is attached to this listing. The preview includes a full description of the resource, tips for implementing the curriculum, and a full word list.


Q: Can I differentiate words on each list for students?

A: You can utilize the blank templates to modify lists, should you choose, however, you will need to print the template and write the new words in on the activity sheets you choose to assign.


Q: Can I differentiate assessment methods with this resource?

A: Yes! A traditional spelling test page is included for each list, as well as a second assessment page with a word “unscramble” and “circle the correct spelling” sections. You can choose to assign the second test sheet to create a more challenging assessment.