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Back to school planning can be a challenge! Figuring out what to teach the first two weeks of school so that your class knows what is expected of them, feels welcome and safe, while making sure students start learning as soon as possible is a big feat! That’s where my Back to School Lesson Plans come in! Here is everything you need to start the year off right.

This set of lesson plans teaches routines, procedures, growth mindset, and social-emotional learning over the first two weeks of school. Each day of the first week features a different PowerPoint that reviews the routines and procedures for the classroom. The PowerPoints are EDITABLE!

Each day has a prep list and a separate lesson plan that walks you through suggestions for your day, as well as each brain break, ice breaker, community builder, social-emotional learning lesson, and/or growth mindset lesson. Some of the cards for different activities are editable and are included in a separate editable resources file.

***Please note: In order to match the PowerPoints and Printables in their original form, you will need to purchase, download, and install the following fonts from Kaitlynn Albani – KA PeachMarket and KA Joyful for the PowerPoints; KA CakePop and KA Smile for the printables. However, you can use any fonts that you choose, just be aware that the fonts will not match.

Each Back to School Lesson Plans resource can stand completely on its own to cover your specific needs. Need it all? These lesson plans are designed to fit together flawlessly! While there is probably more in these plans than you can use in two weeks, take what you need and leave the rest!

While Back to School Lesson Plans: SEL, Growth Mindset, Routines, and Procedures is here and ready to go, the other Back to School Lesson Plans will be coming soon!

How It Works

Each day is designed to build on the previous day’s learning. The lesson plans are written for the following areas:

  • Procedures, Community Building, Growth Mindset and Social Emotional Learning 

  • Writing ***COMING SOON***

  • Math ***COMING SOON***

  • Science ***COMING SOON***

  • Social Studies ***COMING SOON***

Each lesson plan unit can be purchased individually or in the following bundles:

  • Reading and Writing ***COMING SOON***

  • Reading, Writing, and Procedures ***COMING SOON***

  • Math and Science ***COMING SOON***

  • Math, Science, and Procedures ***COMING SOON***

  • Math and Procedures ***COMING SOON***

  • Reading and Procedures ***COMING SOON***

  • Writing and Procedures ***COMING SOON***

  • Social Studies and Procedures ***COMING SOON***


ALL six units together in one bundle!

Each day of the lesson plan incorporates both academic and non-academic specific procedures, both learning and reviewing; brain breaks; activities; read alouds; and more! The plans walk you through exactly what to do, but also allow you to choose what pieces best meet your students’ needs. Each PowerPoint is fully editable.

Note: While you can use any fonts you choose, in order to match the fonts in the PowerPoint and editable resources, you will need to purchase and install the following fonts below:


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