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Back to School Themed Preschool Printable Packet! This set is filled with 200 pages of NO PREP activities for back to school that is perfect for preschool and preK students! Work on shapes, colors, numbers, scissor practice and more with these printable Back to School Activities!


What is included in this resource:

  • Fun With Colors: black, brown, purple, grey, yellow, blue, orange, green, pink (BW and Color)
  • Backpack fill up numbers 1-9 (BW and Color)
  • Cutting Practice 3 versions (BW and Color)
  • Uppercase A-Z Tracing page (BW and Color)
  • lowercase a-z Tracing page (BW and Color)
  • Numbers1-20 tracing page (BW and Color)
  • Shape Pages (Find the shapes/ trace the shapes): circle, diamonds, ovals, rectangles, squares, triangles, pentagons, stars (BW and Color)
  • School Supplies letter hunt A-Z (BW)
  • A-Z Say it, Color it and write it (BW)
  • Tracing Lines 3 versions (BW and Color)
  • Color by Number 4 versions (BW and Color)
  • Coloring/ tracing beginning letter pages: School, scissors, backpack, book, bus, glue, eraser, apple, crayon, marker, pencil, paper, ruler (BW)
  • School patterns cut/paste (BW and color)
  • What is different (BW and color)
  • Count and Color 2 Versions (BW)
  • Lets trace shapes 2 versions (BW and color)
  • Crayons coloring color match. (BW and color)
  • Cut and paste crayons Numbers 3 versions (BW and color)
  • Cut and paste crayons letters 2 versions (BW and color)
  • Cut and paste crayons colors (Color)
  • Tracing lines crayon color match 5 versions (BW and color)
  • Crayon find and color: your name, vowels, 3 random letter pages, “the”, “can”, “was”, “what”, “pencil”, “crayon” “name”, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, blank page to write your own letters and numbers, odd numbers, even numbers (BW)
  • Count and Color (BW and Color)
  • School supplies sizes: bigger/ smaller (BW)
  • School Supplies Coloring (BW)