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Learn students’ names quickly and support their Spanish use during the first week of school with this helpful name tent!

You’ll be able to see students’ names, and students have a set of rescue phrases on the back of their name tag to help them quickly acquire Spanish conversation phrases. There’s also the option to print a get-to-know-you questionnaire on the inside of the name tent to get to know your students better.

This download includes:


  • Me llamo… with space for student names
  • Me gusta… with space to draw or write their favorite activities


  • Introductory phrases and questions in Spanish and English

INNER FOLD: (optional)

  • Get-to-know-you questions
  • Version in English
  • Second version in Spanish
  • Customizable for all levels

How to Use this Product:

  1. Print on on card stock or regular printer paper. Print double-sided with the get-to-know-you questions on the back, or print them as a separate page. Use colored paper for a touch of whimsy in your classroom!
  2. Fill in your own name tent as a model, and place it in the front of the room. I use a magnet to prop mine up on the whiteboard. Encourage students to write their names and draw a picture or write their hobbies under “me gusta.”
  3. If students have extra time, they can start to answer the get-to-know-you questions on the inner fold. This is a great option to fill a few minutes throughout the first week of school.

This product includes both a non-editable PDF and editable powerpoint slides.