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Both of these fun back to school story telling oral activities can be used as ‘getting to know you’ icebreakers, OR with students who know each other already. Wonderful for building classroom community! None of the speaking prompts require just ‘yes’ or no responses. Students will really need to communicate together to be able to narrate each other’s stories to the rest of the class. The first exercise focuses on summer stories, such as the day from the holidays that the student would most like to repeat. This activity is best performed on the first day or two of the new term. Just photocopy a one page fill-in-the-blanks story guidance handout for each student, and you are ready to go!

The second exercise is a more general getting-to-know-you activity. It has only a couple of summer questions and therefore can be done at any time during the first few weeks of term. In this rapidly moving exercise, circulate around the room in speed dating style. Interviewers do not ask for stories of events, but ask for feedback to a question about the other student’s tastes and interests. Each of the 15 questions reveals a lot about the type of person the other student is. It helps tell the story of the student themselves, not just the events that happened to them. Unlike the first purely oral exercise, this activity culminates in a short piece of writing.
Detailed instructions for both teachers and students are included.


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