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Break the ice with this fun and engaging cooperation and team building challenge activity! This “Escape Room” type of activity can be used for students or staff to get to know one another at the beginning of the year OR to just have a little fun throughout. This is also a great way to end the year. Participants will use teamwork to complete 4 challenges together! Directions and a materials list are included for easy set up and play. Participants will learn fun facts and names of other participants as the game is played. The challenge pieces can be laminated and reused each year!

Note: 26 participants can play. If you have more than that, two sessions can be done!

Pages Included:


Materials List

Challenge Poster

Letter to Challengers

Name/Fact Cards

Name/Fact Strips Sorting Activity

Notes Sheet

4 Challenge Pages

1 Extra Challenge Page

2 Challenge Results Pages

ABC Sort Game

Shape Puzzle Game

Completion Certificate

Winner Certificate

Challenges Included:

Matching Names/Facts

Code Deciphering

ABC Order Race

Shapes Puzzle Race

Extra Challenge

Relay Race: Balance 3 books on your head, shoot paper balls into basket, make paper airplane and fly it, chew 5 pieces of gum and blow a bubble OR draw a rainbow with all colors included.

Materials Needed:

  • Baggies
  • 18 Books (any size)
  • 30 Pieces of paper
  • A wastebasket
  • *Depending on your Challenge #4 – 30 Pieces of Gum OR 6 packs of markers/crayons and 6 pieces of paper

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