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Teaching place value can be a challenge for some students when counting base ten blocks. This resource is geared towards Math TEKS 1.2A, use concrete and pictorial models to compose and decompose numbers up to 120 in more than one way as so many hundreds, so many tens, and so many ones.

Students will strive towards mastery in TEKS 1.2A by using the components of this resource in various ways, such as:

  • Using the task cards & recording sheet as a station or center
  • Using the task cards & recording sheet as a scoot
  • Using the task cards as part of your mini-lesson
  • Using a task card as an exit ticket to check for understanding
  • Worksheets to include as a station or center
  • Worksheets as homework
  • Worksheets as additional practice
  • Using the game as a center or for a math game day