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This Soccer Word Search is Hard. Add this to your physical education substitute file as a review of important terms.

The 40 Soccer related words are hidden across, down, backwards, and diagonally.

Words include: soccer, match, point, punt, save, wall, cleats, offside, goal box, goal line, halfway line, center circle, touchline, kick-off, defense, offense, referee, coach, captain, defender, forward, goalkeeper, midfielder, hand ball, dribble, goal kick, free kick, header, passing, shooting, throw-in, volley, corner kick, out of bounds, marking up, extra time, red card, ball control, penalty kick and shin guards.

This Word Search is in the Sports Word Search Bundle.

It is also included in my Mega Word Search Bundle.


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▶️▶️Great for Grades 5 to Adult!▶️▶️