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This package focuses on the most current and newly modified B.C. Core Competencies. It is differentiated based on where students are with their writing abilities.


These intriguing writing prompts are designed to help students reflect on the core competencies. Students and teachers can delve deeply into understanding the outlined concepts while providing useful evidence to showcase student growth.


These task cards can be cut out, laminated and placed on your board for students to refer to during a specific topic or for a reflection block. This is perfect for mini-lessons, whole-class instruction, cooperative learning, and intervention groups. You can also add these to your literacy centers.


This resource contains task cads for 3 main core competencies (Communication, Thinking, and Critical and Reflective Thinking) and their designated 7 subcategories (Communicating, Collaboration, Creative Thinking, Critical and Reflective Thinking, Personal Awareness and Cultural Identity, and Social Awareness and Responsibility) for a total of 54 task cards.

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This printable, no-prep resource is in both, COLOUR, and BLACK AND WHITE and includes the following items:

  • Communicating (big and small title pages, and 6 task cards)

  • Collaboration (big and small title pages, and 6 task cards)

  • Creative Thinking (big and small title pages, and 6 task cards)

  • Critical and Reflective Thinking (big and small title pages, and 7 task cards)

  • Personal Awareness and Cultural Identity (big and small title pages, and 6 task cards)

  • Positive Personal and Cultural Identity (big and small title pages, and 4 task cards)

  • Social Awareness and Responsibility (big and small title pages, and 5 task cards)

  • Instructions


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