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This portfolio is engaging, reflective and thought-provoking. Everything you need to cover this topic is found in this portfolio. It covers everything from what is anxiety, warning signs, triggers, worry scales, questionnaires, learning about our body’s alarm system and flight/fight system, calming and coping strategies, brain dumping your worries, learning what is in and out of your control, crafts and much more!

This portfolio has been developed to support children to manage their anxiety and worries, build self-confidence and create a positive thinking framework. This workbook is a must have for any teacher, parent and counsellor as it is jam packed with everything needed to tackle anxiety once and for all in a very trauma-informed and positive behavioural support approach.


This portfolio is divided into six individual lessons. You can choose to use each lesson in isolation or scaffold through the lessons one by one. The six lessons include:


1.All About Anxiety

– What is Anxiety?

– What does anxiety look and feel like?

– My anxiety checklist

– Anxiety Triggers

– Scale of worry poster (and worksheet)

– When I feel worried worksheet

2.My Panic Button

– Your body’s alarm system

– Anxiety and stress continuum

– My Panic Button Questionnaire

– When I feel anxious worksheet

– Anxiety & panic attacks

– The differences and symptoms

– Anxiety and your body

– Helpful Thoughts

3.Calming Strategies

– Calming Strategy Cards and Rating Scales

– Deep Breathing

– 5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Technique

– Asking for Help

– Personal Growth Challenge

– Gratitude

– Exercise and my Weekly Health Plan

– Coping Skills Poster

4.Declutter Your Worries

– What is a Brain Dump?

– What to do?

– Brain Dump your worries

– When worries pile up

– Sorting my worries

– Dump your worries craft

– Ruminating on your worries

5.My Worry Monster

– Physical symptoms of anxiety

– Anxiety triggers

– Getting to know your worry monster

– Creating your worry monster

– Your helping hand

– Reflective questions

– Building your own worry monster templates

6.Choosing to Let Go

– Being the pilot of your worries

– Your Control Tower (in and out of your control)

– My worries airplane craft

– Take off! Taking your worries away!

– Emergency oxygen mask

– In and out of your worries (sorting activity)

– Worry affirmations