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Item description

This social narrative encourages the sleeping practice in the child’s own bed.

Each individual step of a nighttime routine is included from stop playing, brushing teeth, going to the toilet, putting pyjamas on, doing a bedroom check and checking the night light.

This resource is heavily supplemented with clear, colourful and detailed visuals to aid understanding.

In addition, supplementary material is included to reinforce learning. This includes:

– 1 page “Sleeping in My Own Bed” Poster (8 steps)

– Sleeping in My Own Bed Checklist (Skill Development/Acquisition Program)

– My Bedtime Routines (cut/paste/sort activity worksheets)

NOTE: This story additionally includes a page (which can be omitted should it not be relevant) where it describes a gradual transition process of a parent sleeping in the same room (but on a trundle) and slowly moving their bed away from the bedroom over time. This page can be omitted if it is not applicable, however is a great strategy to support this process should the child have significant anxiety surrounding independent sleeping.