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For many high school readers, horror and supernatural fiction are genres that maximize engagement with literature. “Before I Wake” by Jim Cort features elements consistent with both genres: psychological deterioration, heightened emotions, grim imagery, a suspicious death, and more. This multiple choice quiz covering “Before I Wake” helps English teachers promote homework accountability and evaluate reading comprehension. An answer key is included, but since the short story is not in the public domain, purchasers are responsible for acquiring their own copy of the text. Materials are delivered in printable Word Document and PDF formats. Questions pertain to the following key details:

  • Leonard Zanelli’s profession
  • Events preceding David Conklin’s arrest
  • A fear of falling asleep
  • Details of Conklin’s terrifying dreams
  • Physical effects of the dream
  • Factors contributing to Conklin’s suicide
  • The medical examiner’s report
  • Details of Zanelli’s personal letter