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Beginning Sounds Alphabet Clip Art – Alphabet Clip Art – A to Z

This alphabet clip art bundle contains graphics for beginning letter sounds. There are at least 6 beginning sound graphics for each letter except for the letter x. The letter x has six graphics that end with the sound as well as one graphic (x-ray) that begins with the sound.

Color and black and white graphics are included.

There are 358 individual graphics with transparent backgrounds.

You may also use the included ‘Smiley Face’ graphic in the Letter S file to add a cute smiley face to many of the graphics. See the thumbnail example.


*Letter A – Alligator, Astronaut, Ambulance, Ant, Ax, Apple

*Letter B – Banana, Baseball, Basket, Bell, Bus, Butterfly, Button, (soccer) Ball, Baseball Bat, Bat (flying),

*Letter C – Cake, Cap, Carrot, Cat, Cop, Cow, Cup

*Letter D – Dinosaur, Dog, Doll, Dragon, Drum, Duck

*Letter E – Egg, Eggplant, Elbow, Elephant, Engine, Envelope

*Letter F – Feather, Fin, Fish, Flag (USA), Flag (pirate), Flower, Fox

*Letter G – Gap (teeth), Glass, Glue, Grapes, Groundhog, Guitar

*Letter H – Ham, Hat, Hen, Hit, Hop, Hug

*Letter I – Igloo, Iguana, In, Ink, Insects, Invitation

*Letter J – Jacks, Jam, Jar, Jet, Jug, Jump Rope

*Letter K – Kangaroo, Key, Kick, King, Kite, Koala

*Letter L – Lamp, Lap, Leaf, Lemon, Lion, Lock

*Letter M – Map, Maraca, Mitten, Monkey, Mud, Mug

*Letter N – Nail, Needle, Nest, Net, Nine, Nose

*Letter O – Octopus, On, Orange, Ostrich, Otter, Ox

*Letter P – Pen, Pig, Pin, Pinata, Pot (flowers), Pot (gold), Pumpkin

*Letter Q – Quail, Quarter, Queen, Question Mark, Quill, Quilt

*Letter R – Rabbit, Rainbow, Reindeer, Rip, Robot, Rocket, Rose

*Letter S – Sit, Six, Smile, Sombrero, Star, Strawberry, Sub, Sun

*Letter T – Table, Taxi, Ten, Tomato, Top, Tub

*Letter U – Udder, Umbrella, Umpire, Under, Underwear, Up

*Letter V – Vacuum, Van, Vase, Vest, Vet, Violin

*Letter W – Wagon, Walrus, Watermelon, Web, Well, Wig

*Letter X – X-ray, Ax, Box, Fox, Ox, T-Rex, Wax

*Letter Y – Yellow, Yak, Yarn, Yawn, Yolk, Yo-yo

*Letter Z – Zebra, Zeppelin, Zero, Zipper, Zoo, Zucchini

I hope you enjoy these graphics and find them helpful.

You may use these graphics for educational products sold digitally. Provide credit to my store by including a link or by using the graphic logo which is included in this download. The graphic logo can also be downloaded from my online stores.

The full Terms of Use are included in the download.

Please contact me with any questions in the ‘Product Q & A’ section of this page.