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Beginning Sounds Coloring Printables – A to Z


This packet contains 31 worksheets for practicing beginning sounds.


Print these out for homework when introducing each sound or place them in a literacy center for students to work on independently. These are an easy addition to your phonics lessons.


The packet has one beginning sounds page for every consonant except the letter -x which has an ending sounds page.


There are two pages for every vowel (long vowel and short vowel pages).


These are correlated with the Kindergarten common core standards.  Beginning sounds should be taught to most kids beginning in kindergarten and after they have learned to recognize and name letters; however, some preschool age children may be ready to practice learning the letter sounds as well.  This is a great packet for advanced preschool age students as well as struggling 1st grade students who need additional practice and reinforcement.  


Try printing all the pages and stapling to create a letter sounds workbook.  This would also be a great summer review packet for students who need the practice.

I hope your students enjoy doing these activities while learning to read.