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These play-dough mats have uppercase alphabet letters and beginning
sounds pictures. This activity will help children learn letter
recognition; it will also give children fine motor skills practice.
Laminate the mats, and cut along the border. Place the mats in your
manipulatives center alongside play-dough. Allow children to use
play-dough to form uppercase letters. Also, allow children to use
play-dough to decorate the beginning sounds pictures. Twenty-six pages
of mats for every letter of the alphabet are included.

⭐ Standards used in this resource are Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework Standards: Preschooler Domains.

Preschooler Literacy: Print and Alphabet Knowledge

Goal P-LIT 3. Child identifies letters of the alphabet and produces correct sounds associated with letters.

Preschooler Perceptual, Motor, and Physical Development: Fine Motor

Goal P-PMP 3. Child demonstrates increasing control, strength, and coordination of small muscles.

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