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Classroom management and behavior control can be tough. This set of behavior token boards and visuals make behavior support management a fun and effective way at reducing problem behaviors and increasing social skills. Students learn the appropriate classroom behaviors to have a productive and fun learning experience at school.

This packet contains a token board system to help visually reinforce and increase desired behaviors (while decreasing the problem behaviors) in the classroom.

Multiple different token boards are provided, along with tokens, visuals to augment positive/negative behaviors and visuals of activities/items to act as reinforcement.

Contents of this package include:

– Poor/good choice activity sort boards (2 versions)

– 2 pages of negative behavior visuals (30 visuals)

– 2 pages of positive behavior visuals (30 visuals)

– A ‘choice board’ and a ‘break board’

– 2 pages of reinforcement item/activity visuals (30 visuals)

– Blank tiles (to personalize reinforcement items/behaviors)

– 5 different styles of tokens

– 3 token boards (for either 1, 2 or 3 target behaviors)

– 2 token boards for no target behavior visual (5 and 10 token spaces)

– 4 token boards (for either 1, 2, 3 or 4 target behaviors with delayed reinforcement……..along with 5 different token boards to track/work toward delayed reinforcement)

– Rocket ship and flower token board (2 sizes) and tokens.

– Behavior Contract (for balloon token economy)

– 4 balloon token boards (6, 8, 10 and 12 tokens)

– 2 pages of balloon tokens (blue balloon tokens and red balloon tokens)