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Item description

This packet is a perfect way for students to think about and reflect upon their behavior. Target key social skills and behavior skills to aid in classroom management and behavior management and positive behavior change. The key to behavior change is for students to realize how their behavior affects others, the consequence they experience as a result of engaging in that behavior and then MOST importantly, the APPROPRIATE ACTIONS that they need to engage in instead. These slips allow the students to consider all these points and personally reflect on/critically self evaluate their behavior after an inappropriate behavior has occurred.

Included in this pack are pre-made behavior slips for 49 different inappropriate behaviors. These particular slips can be laminated and filled out using a dry erase marker so they can be used over and over. As we know, all students are different, so there is also a customizable board for each of those 49 behaviors, where different alternate appropriate actions can be added.

Additional supports included are more in-depth reflection behavior slips which allows the students to think more critically about the impact of their behavior (again, provided for ALL 49 behaviors) and then slips which allow the students to self assess how THEY think they behaving at a given time and then what steps they need to do next to either improve their behavior/keep on the right track.

Specifically in this pack you will find:

Pre made behavior boards/slips (in color AND black and white) for the following behaviors:

-I was mean to a friend

-I ran away

-I interrupted

-I yelled

-I crumpled up paper

-I made fun of someone

-I broke the rules

-I said ‘No’

-I licked

-I cut something

-I scribbled on my work

-I ruined something

-I stole something

-I made noises

-I did not do my work

-I lied

-I touched someone

-I got out of my seat

-I bit someone

-I took something

-I cheated (game/playing)

-I broke something

-I knocked something down

-I kicked someone

-I did not listen to my teacher

-I pinched

-I touched something

-I threw something

-I called out

-I hit someone

-I pushed someone

-I said mean words

-I cursed

-I kicked something

-I stood on a chair

-I argued

-I hurt someone

-I did something dangerous

-I was a poor sport

-I did not pay attention

-I made faces

-I made a mess

-I stomped on someone’s foot


-I ripped up my work

-I ruined someone’s work

-I bullied someone

-I did not co-operate

-I cheated (work)

Customizable behavior boards

-41 target positive behavior prompts visuals

-Behavior boards for all 49 targeted inappropriate behaviors

-3 blank behavior boards

Behavior reflections

-2 different behavior reflection slips for each of the 41 targeted inappropriate behaviors (each version presented with both lined and unlined options).

-9 different behavior check in reflection slips