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Behaviour Support: Inappropriate V’s Appropriate Things To Say

The following activity was developed to support a child’s ability to reflect upon comments that they make and the impact of these.

The activity includes

• 1 x illustration of child with open and happy mouth (symbolizing things a child can say)

• 1 x illustration of a shocked child with mouth closed (symbolizing things a child shouldn’t say)

• Question/Statement cards that children can cut out which contains a comment that either can be pasted on the mouth open (something nice/good/okay/acceptable to say) or pasted on the mouth closed (something you shouldn’t say as its mean/not nice)

This activity also includes some spare cards for either the teacher, students (group or individual) to write on as examples of things they feel are appropriate/inappropriate to support the development of insight and judgment.

This activity works really well for all children particularly children with special needs, autism, ADHD and or intellectual disability and learning difficulties.