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This is a great PBIS Resource to support the development of an anti-bullying and kindness mindset. This is a great back to school, anti-bullying and world kindness day workbook to get students started with the right foundation.


Being unkind is never okay. It is hurtful and it can impact someone for a long time. Throughout this book students will be asked to explore the difference between being kind and unkind. You will examine your own behaviours and the behaviours of others and reflect on why it is important to be kind as well as looking at practice and realistic ways for you to demonstrate kindness.


This workbook can be used in it’s entirety or you can take individual pages out depending on the length of the lesson. This workbook has been used in individual, small group and as a whole class approach. Students love the variety of activities that are included and helps boost a stronger sense of classroom community.

This resource explores the following:

– what is kindness, what it means to the student

– self reflection activities

– colouring pages

– explores acts of kindness over a variety of environments (home and school)

– kindness pledge poster activity

– compliment conversation cards

– find-a-word

– bruised apple example and reflection activity

– kind and unkind behaviours

– and much more…