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Item description

Beowulf Bingo


Bingo is a great way to review. This game is to be used at the end of the poem as the clues/answers cover the entire poem.

Included Items

  • Call Sheets
  • 30 Bingo Cards / Each are numbered / Free space is a Viking.


  • Print the call sheets and cards
  • Laminate the call sheets and cards if desired
  • Decide a way to mark the cards – small manipulatives, plastic bottle tops, or a marker

Decide the type of play

  • Diagonal
  • Across
  • Blackout
  • 4 corners

Let’s Play Bingo

  • Distribute a card to each student.
  • Explain type of play.
  • Each of the answers has multiple clues. The main characters have at least 3 clues so that you can play the game several times and have different clues.
  • Call one clue for each answer per game.
  • As you call the clue, highlight or check off the clue.

The spaces on the cards are filled randomly with the following 30 answers:

Grendel, Beowulf, Hrothgar, Ecgetheow, Unferth, Wealhtheow, Wiglaf, Herot, Hrunting, Barrow, Brecca, Higlac, Thane, Mead, Grendel’s Mother, Dragon, Alliteration, Aeschere, Kenning, Wyrd, Scop, Epic Hero, Grendel’s Arm, 50 Years, 14 Men, Sailors, Boast, Helfdane, Moor, Shield Sheafson