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We want our students to know where to find verses in the Bible, and this starts with knowing where to find the books. These are fun game activities to play with your students as they are recalling their knowledge about the order of the books of the Old and New Testament.

How to play Kaboom:

  • Print, laminate (optional) and cut.
  • Students take turn pulling out a card and answering the question
  • If they get it right, they keep it. If it is wrong, they put it back in the pile
  • If they draw a Kaboom card, they put all the cards back.
  • Most cards at the end wins, usually at the end of a specified time.

Great to use to assess prior knowledge or as an informal assessment.

Each set Includes:

  • Directions
  • 32 Question cards (2 versions: Color & Black/White)
  • 8 Kaboom cards (2 versions: Color & Black/White)
  • Answer Key