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Do you love teaching literacy using picture books but have students who are nonreaders or reading significantly below grade level? This collection of communication and comprehension supports are the perfect book companions to make it easier to differentiate popular picture books to meet the diverse needs of your students! Includes printables, Easel activities, IEP goal ideas, and progress monitoring sheets for Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman. *Book not included*

Who is it for?

  • Elementary students in special education

  • Students with communication and comprehension IEP goals

  • Non-readers


  • teacher-friendly: all activities include a color and black & white version, answer key, set-up tips, ways to implement during group, 1:1, and independent work times, and differentiation tips for accommodating or extending learning for every activity (see preview for details).

  • engaging: hands-on activities encourage interaction and communication

  • picture-supported: using PCS from Mayer Johnson (used with permission)

  • predictable: due to similar formatting across book units

  • ready-to-use: most activities simply need printed but can be laminated or made into velcro boards for increased durability and interaction

  • tested: I have developed and used these activities over many years of teaching in a special education classroom

  • Easel Activities: available to assign electronically

What’s Included (see preview for details):

  • Communication

  • Vocabulary Cards: to teach and assess targeted vocabulary (can also be used to create interactive games!)

  • Vocabulary Progress Monitoring Sheet: for receptive and expressive identification of story vocabulary and generalization

  • Communication Board: to generate sentences about the story verbally or through velcro manipulatives

  • GoTalk 9+ AAC Board: formatted for use with GoTalk 9+

  • Sentence Building Progress Monitoring Sheet: for assessing sentence generation

  • Communication IEP Goal Ideas: for vocabulary and sentence building goals

  • Comprehension

  • Differentiated Wh-Question Assessments: 3 leveled assessments (multiple choice pictures, multiple choice words/phrases, fill-in) for answering who, what, where, when, and why questions about the story. *Easel activity*

  • Fill-in-the-Blank Sentences Worksheet: Cut-and-paste cloze sentences with picture choice options *Easel activity*

  • Sequencing Worksheet: Picture-based cut-and-paste sequencing of story events

  • Comprehension Goal Ideas: for wh-questions, writing, sequencing, and higher-order thinking

  • Higher-Order Thinking Progress Monitoring: for recalling story elements (characters, setting, and events) and answering inferential and evaluative questions about the story

  • Unit Report Card: Convenient data collection sheet for all unit activities to be used for grading and sharing with families

  • Implementation Tips for Whole/Small Group, 1:1, and independent work times for each activity

  • Differentiation Tips for Accommodating and Extending each activity to meet student needs

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