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Binary – Have fun teaching binary with this set of interactive Binary – Denary Games and Resources. Great to use as starters, activities, plenaries & assessment. These can be embedded across several lessons. Suitable for college students, 9th -12th graders. Interactive & Printable. (Interactive games work on a free app which works on Windows, Mac, Android & iOS operating systems). Instructions provided.

Includes the following: :

  • Self-checking interactive 5-bit binary quiz (Excel)

  • Excel worksheet containing a choice of printable bingo cards and/or card bingo generator based on 5 & 6-bit binary. 2 generators – one generates numbers up to 31 and the other generates numbers up to 63.

  • 8 Bit Binary – Denary Dominoes. PPT slides 2 – 15 form the correct answers, the first half of slide 2 marries up with the last half of slide 15.

  • Digital interactive 6 and 8-bit binary games with can be played in various way over and over again. Includes user guide, instructions & access codes. These activities can be used with Bingo, Cardboard, Flip Selector, Group, Order Sorter, Pairs, Spinner & Spring Selector.

Please note that Excel documents are read-only files. To generate more bingo cards, press F9 key and change the sample size as appropriate, (instructions included in Teacher Notes worksheet & suggested delivery contained within PPT, slide 1).

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