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Excel Number Bingo Generator Free

Saved in .xls & .xlsx

The maximum size is 200. The print area has been set to allow you to print 3 cards per page. I have also left this spreadsheet unlocked so that you can make appropriate changes. To change the sample size you will need to unhide the appropriate rows and columns, you should then be able to figure it out. Just make sure you make a copy of this document first before you start changing any of the formulas.

These bingo cards can be used to form basic maths related activities. However, you may just wish to use 3 cards and use the F9 key to generate several versions; this will reduce the range of numbers. No matter how you use this, it’s a great way to get maths into lessons especially when observations are due.

Review: Please be so kind as to review your purchase, once you have used it with your learners, many thanks.