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This Biochemistry Review Hidden Halloween Picture resource is a fun and engaging way for your students to review their basic biochemistry knowledge! The image is a “zombie teenager”… perfect for Halloween! But it will work anytime you need a review for basic biochemistry.

There are 2 options in this resource: one option is a printable color-by-number activity. The other option is a Google™ Sheets digital progression art activity. Both activities use the same questions and picture.

For the progression art activity, students will need access to a device that allows them to use Google™ Sheets. Students will answer questions by typing them into a box. If the box turns green, it’s correct and several small pieces of the picture will be revealed. If the answer is wrong, the box turns red and nothing happens to the picture. Students love to see the image slowly appear as they correctly answer questions! This activity is NOT EDITABLE.

The color-by-number activity is printable. Students will need 10 colors to complete it: red, black, orange, gray, yellow, purple, dark brown, light brown, dark blue, and light blue. This activity comes as an EDITABLE PowerPoint file where you can edit the questions, answers, colors, and the image itself. It also comes as a PDF file that you can simply print.

Whichever activity you choose, it’s easy for you to assign, either via Google™ Classroom or another LMS or simply by printing the color-by-number pages.

Here’s what you get in your download:

  • a PDF with a link to copy the progression art activity
  • 3-page color-by-number activity
  • editable PowerPoint file for the color-by-number activity
  • Teaching Guide
  • Answer Sheet
  • separate word bank that you can print and hand out

Please note: the questions are written at an introductory level.