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This is fun way to celebrate Womens History Month with students. This 14 slide bitmoji classroom, perfect to decorate your virtual classroom for Women’s History Month! Has an interactive virtual classroom that is linked to short bios on 12 Influential WOMEN. Each bio slide is linked to videos of each Influential Figure.  Add to google classroom or embed file in canvas, near pod and more.




Click on Influential WOMEN and it will take you to the Influential People page.

Click on Video shown on each individual bio slide.

What’s Included:


Editable Women’s History Month Bitmoji Classroom Template

Editable and Moveable Images


Bitmoji Class with links to video information about important figures like

Malala Yousafzai


Margaret Thatcher


Queen Elizabeth II


Amelia Earhart


Harriet Tubman


Mother Teresa


Rosa Parks


Junko Tabei


Anne Frank


Frida Kahlo


Sally Ride


Susan B. Anthony

*This product does not contain any Bitmoji Avatars. It is only suggested that this product is used with a Bitmoji Avatar that has been legally acquired for personal use only.