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This third grade virtual classroom has everything to keep kids entertained and learning.    It covers the subject matters of Math, Social Studies, Science, ELA (Reading, Phonics, Grammar).  It also includes activities in Music, Art, P.E., Stem, and Mindfulness. There are 15 linked activities.  My favorites are the Vowel Team activity linked to the vowel poster and the Stem activity that is linked to the hamster cage.  All links have been updated and do not require flash drive.  

Items linked: 

– 4 books on bookcase

– hamster cage

– 4 posters in classroom

– clock

– painting in hallway

– aquarium

– tree beside bookcase

– Rubix Cube

– instrument basket

Keep in mind that this classroom may be suitable for an advanced second grader and/or a fourth grader who needs more support.  This activity works best in the slideshow mode. Enjoy!