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Item description

Resource includes:

  • Teacher Instructions
  • Student Instructions
  • 26 Inspirational Men and 26 Inspirational Women to choose from
  • Student Assignment Trackers for teachers and students
  • Bio Page for research
  • 5 Facts Cards
  • Project instructions
  • Optional Extension Research Paper page
  • 2 different Scoring Rubrics


Prep: This resource was designed to enhance Black History Month in your classroom. Before assigning the project you will need to prepare the student assignments cutouts and print a Bio Page and 5 Facts Card for each student. I recommend copying the 5 facts card on cardstock to make it more sturdy for students. You will then assign or allow students to choose a famous black historical figure from the list. Record their inspirational person on the teacher Student Assignment Sheet and give them the slip of paper with their assignment. Their person is meant to be kept a surprise from their classmates as there will be a guessing game at the end of the project.

Research: Allow students time to research their inspirational figure on an ipad/chromebook or at the library. Students will complete the Bio Page and then brainstorm 5 items they could place in a box that represent their person. They will write 5 complete sentences corresponding with each chosen item on the 5 facts card. This will go in their box with their 5 items. The box should be covered and include the student’s name on it, but not the name of their researched person.

Presentation: Print the List of names for each student so they can guess who the presenter is giving information on. The students will then present their box to their class. They will reveal their 5 items to their class. The class will then make a guess at who the person is and record it on their presentation response sheet. The audience will also write one interesting fact they learned about the individual from the presenter. Then the presenter will reveal who their person is. The whole project will be scored with the attached scoring rubric.

Extension: An optional extension is to have the students write a brief research paper on their findings. After the students reveal the 5 items and the audience guesses who their individual is, the presenter would read their research paper to the class. There is a separate rubric available for this.

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