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How do blind people get from here to there? Saserdote is a blind human character in the World of Cog. Even though he cannot see, he has very good hearing. His good friend Aigle, the eagle, assist him when he is travelling through unfamiliar areas. Aigle calls out and Saserdote will listen and figure where the sounds are coming from.

In Blind Saserdote and the Azer Maze, you role play as the Saserdote character. The maze is pitch black to the player. Aigle calls out. You will actually hear eagle sounds. When Aigle calls out, a small dot will flash on briefly, representing his location. Sometimes it takes a little exploration to find the dot. When a step is taken, a small flash occurs. If a step was not made, the character ran into a barrier, and a flash will not be seen.

This game is intentionally hard. It may take multiple attempts to complete it. It is just a slight representation of not having access to one of the senses.

There are two classroom posters included with the game. One has Saserdote on it, and the other is The World of Cog poster that has: Cog, an ogre with Autism; Fay, a fairy who cannot fly; Saserdote, a blind human; and, Pierre, a djinn (genie) who has full body disfigurement. All posters are 8 ½” by 11” PDFs.

Please try this FREE  video game before purchasing to test how it will play on your device.

NOTE: This video game is a Microsoft EXE file and will open in Windows, but on Mac requires the installation of additional software such as Parallels Desktop for Mac with Microsoft Windows installed.