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Use your purchase of Bubble Gum Brain (by Julia Cook) Social-Emotional Learning Activities to address social-emotional learning in elementary schools. Strengthen your classroom community while also addressing ELA skills.

This companion is full of social-emotional learning activities for helping children develop self-efficacy and a growth mindset.

Your purchase includes:

  • An explanation of the CASEL 5 Standards (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making).
  • Support for adults and suggestions on how to teach and support children in developing a growth mindset and self-efficacy.
  • Specific SEL learning objectives that are covered in this book companion.
  • Guided questions for before, during, and after reading the text.
  • A variety of book companion activities that address both ELA and SEL skills.
  • ELA skill sheets/posters
  • Note to families explaining the skill we are working on in class and letting them know how they can help at home.
  • Brag Tags for celebrating improvement and success

If you enjoy Bubble Gum Brain (by Julia Cook) Social Emotional Learning Activities, please visit my store for other book companions that also allow teachers to combine ELA skills with social-emotional learning in elementary schools.