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Item description

Are you looking for fun ways to help you in classroom management without spending a dime? Classroom reward coupons are great incentives that are easy to use and loved by students. This set of coupons is Boho Rainbow themed. It includes both color and black and white versions.

What is included?

✦ A PDF file that includes

➣ 32 total coupons

➣ 16 unique ones (each available in color and B/W)

  1. Line Leader
  2. Special Lunch (with the teacher)
  3. Sit at Teacher’s desk
  4. No Homework
  5. Teacher’s Assistant
  6. Positive Call Home
  7. Eat a Snack
  8. Wear a Hat
  9. Draw/Decorate the Board
  10. Pick Read-Aloud
  11. Draw for 5 minutes
  12. Choose Favorite Center
  13. Choose a Song
  14. Chew Bubble Gum
  15. Sit Next to a Friend
  16. Tell a Joke

➣ Each page has 8 different coupons.


✦ A PowerPoint file that includes

➣ 8 editable coupons

➣ 4 in color + 4 B/W

➣ Text Boxes are added with matching fonts to the original coupons.

➣ Add your own text. Duplicate the slide if more coupons are needed.


How to Use

➣ If you want to save ink, print each page only once and create a coupon catalogue. This way a student would pick their favorite coupon from the catalogue.

➣ You can use a photo album with sleeve pages for your catalogue.

➣➣➣➣The download file is a zip file.


My terms of Use:

This classroom management product is for your personal use only.