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Book Care BINGO is a great way to reinforce Book Care Rules! In this set, you will find Calling Cards to cut out and use and 16 different Bingo cards.

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I like to play with my Kindergarten classes after we learn the rules. I have found that pairing Kindergarteners up on a card works best because many of them have never played Bingo before.  

My 1st graders are good to go with their own card and if I have more than 16 students, some will eagerly want to share a card with a friend.

It even makes a Great Center once you’ve taught them how to play. The students love being the caller and handing out the prize to the winner!

You will need to cut some squares out of construction paper to use as Bingo chips ahead of time, if you don’t have something like that already.

We have a lot of fun reviewing Book Care Rules with this game and stickers are a perfect prize for the winning pairs!