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Book Care Printables Have you ever seen library books or take-home books come back to school looking like they had been in a food fight? Start the school year off in the right direction by teaching how to take care of books with – 14 posters and an interactive booklet. The colorful posters are kid-friendly and the “I Can” booklet is engaging, while helping children remember how to be a responsible book lover. 


– 14 posters

– I Take Care of My Books

The following topics are included:



Enjoy Reading

Make Sure Your Hands Are Clean

Treat Books With Respect

Keep Your Books Safe and Dry

Use Bookmarks

Eat Snacks Away From Books

Pick-Up Books From the Floor



Give Up or Pretend to Read

Touch a Book with Dirty Hands

Write or Doodle in Your Book

Let Your Books Get Wet Outside

Use a Pencil as a Bookmark

Eat While Reading

Step on Books