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This is an activity pack for books of the Bible. There’s a variety of activities to help learn the books of the Bible and their proper order, as long as other fun things to do while learning or re-enforcing a lesson on the books of the Bible!


The activities included in this pack are….

• 2 Word Searches (1 New Testament and 1 Old Testament)

• 1 Crossword Puzzle (Old Testament)

• 3 Unscramble the Books of the Bible (2 for Old Testament and 1 for New Testament)

• Bookmark (Lists books of the Bible on the back and color the picture on the front)

• Chart for books of the Bible (2 pages)

• Bible Q & A Worksheet (Questions about books of the Bible)

• Answer keys for word searches, crossword puzzle, and Q & A worksheet

NOTE: This is for the Catholic books of the Bible.


NOTE: There are no lessons included in this pack. You will have to create your own lesson and use these activities to re-enforce or review what is taught.


UPDATE: There was an error on Books of the Bible chart and it has been corrected. This is not shown in the thumbnails or previews, but it has been fixed.


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