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This Spanish Boom Card deck is perfect for Spanish beginners of all ages. This sample comprehensible input story features Week 1 Spanish: este es, esta es, animal, persona, se llama, hay, dice, no es and many cognates. This story is accompanied by 6 task / question cards. Task cards include: multiple choice, matching, cognate recognition, and translation. This short story is perfect for a 5 minute warm-up or bellringer as an individual, or you can purchase the complete set for sub plans or station work! A printable station work answer student answer sheet is included with the full story set!

Includes 7 Boom Cards:

– 1 Short Story for beginners

– 6 task cards / questions for story

– Task cards include: multiple choice, cognate recognition, translation, and matching


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Did you know? Boom cards are self grading! This means less work for you. Boom cards also work well with online learning platforms like Google Classroom.