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Bosnian Farm Animals Latin Alphabet is designed for Bosnian language learners.

This set aims to help your students master spelling farm animals in Bosnian.

– black and white version is included

– answer keys are included

This set includes the following:

1. Bosnian farm animals flashcards (14 flashcards)

2. Bosnian farm animals clip-it cards (14 cards)

-Students look at the picture and clip the correct word

3. Trace, cut, and paste (2 worksheets)

– Students trace the words, cut and paste the pictures in the correct spot

4. Multiple choice (one worksheet)

– Students look at the picture and highlight what is correct

5. Look and trace (2 worksheets)

6. Highlight the correct words (one worksheet)

-Students highlight the correct word-picture pairs

7. Highlight and label

-Students highlight the words (use different colors) and label the pictures

8. Spelling practice cards ( 16 cards)

1. rainbow write the words

2. fill in the missing vowels

3. fill in the missing consonants

4. Color the correct pictures

9.Unscramble and highlight (2 worksheets)

– Students unscramble the words and highlight the words

10.Label the pictures (1 worksheet)

11. Read the sentences and label the pictures (2 worksheets)

12.Highlight the correct verb form (4 worksheets)

13. Fill in the gaps (He / She) ( 2 worksheets)

14. True or False ( 3 worksheets)