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These 6 Geography Impressionistic Charts are for the Study of the Universe and the Earth and are beautifully illustrated using high quality photographs and images in full color. You can print them on cardstock and laminate. Each card comes with a brief explanation about the picture and its related subjects. Suggestions for history experiments are also included.

The Set of 6 Charts Includes the Following Titles:

Chart #1: The Size of the Earth to the Sun

Chart #2*: The Sun’s Family: The Solar System

Chart #3: The Cosmic Dance: The Beginning of the Cooling

Chart #4: The Time of the Volcanoes

Chart #5: The Formation of the Oceans

Chart #6: Composition of the Earth

*Chart 2 is included in the following formats with and without Pluto:

  • Solar System only
  • Solar System (distances in kms)
  • Solar System (distances in miles)


The 21 history experiments are available here.
These are suitable for ANY child, whether they have been immersed in a Montessori environment or not.

The child begins to explore the fundamental basics of our Universe. They are ideally used to complement the Story of the Creation of the Universe.

Montessori said, “the world is acquired psychologically by means of the imagination, reality is studied in detail and then the whole is imagined, the detail is able to grow in the imagination and the whole is attained”.


*Please message me if you have any questions; I am happy to help.

This material has been lovingly created for you by an AMS-trained Montessorian and experienced teacher of more than 2 decades. It complies with and fulfills part of the Montessori Elementary Cosmic Curriculum in Geography and History.