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These 2 resources could help your students manage their emotions better and cope and adjust as well as manage their struggles and difficulties quite easily.

1. Bounce Back: Teaching Resilience to Students

This resource focuses on 4 areas of resiliency:

1. Self-Awareness

2. Conflict resolution

3. Empathy

4. Teaching Courage

It includes:

1. Definition of terms

2. Activities for each area

3.Inputs to use for discussion for each area

3. Processing Questions for each activity

2. Emotional Intelligence

This Emotional Intelligence resource focuses on 4 areas:

1. Intrapersonal

2. Interpersonal

3. Stress Management

4. General Mood

This emotional intelligence resource includes:

a. Definition of Emotional intelligence

b. Signs of high emotional intelligence

c. Signs of low emotional intelligence

d. Activities on the 4 focused areas

e. Processing questions to facilitate better learning experiences