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Grades 3-4 students love high interest mini-mysteries! They are fun carrots for the end of the day, morning work or even bell ringers. They learn so much while playing detectives, including inferencing, drawing conclusions and making predictions. These 15 stories, along with the mystery writing assignment, will keep them busy for hours! 
When reading the tales as a whole class, the most obvious methods of using these mysteries are to read each one out loud or to show them on your screen. The students then guess the solutions. They can also be read in small literacy groups.
If you want the students to work a bit harder, they could record and explain their guesses on the included worksheet, and write their own story, using the guidelines. The solutions are on a different page from the story and its question, so that students cannot see them accidentally; that would really spoil the fun!

Included in the resource:

15 vividly illustrated mini mysteries.

15 clues pages, to provide hints for students who are ‘stuck.’

15 answer pages.

A tips page, explaining the most common mystery/ riddle clue types.

A working page, so students can write down their guesses, and keep a tally of how many mysteries they got right.

A mini-mystery writing advice sheet, to guide students in writing one of their own.

A simple teacher rubric to mark the students’ own mini-mysteries.

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