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This set of break trackers and break cards features printable activity and movement cards that assists learners of all ages with taking breaks when needed. These trackers are a great way for your students to visualize how many breaks they can take during the day. Every student can have a tracker or just particular students, depending on the needs of your students.

What’s included in this Printable Activity and Movement Break Cards resource:

3 x Break Trackers – with space for 3, 5 or 10 breaks

15 x Break Picture Cards to be used by students to record breaks taken on the Break Trackers

29 x Break Cards featuring a variety of activities and movements

1 x Box Template to hold the Break Cards

How to best use these Printable Break Activity Cards & Tracker:

• Print and laminate the one you prefer along with a page or two of the “break card” images.

• Discuss with your students that these trackers will stay on their desk and if they need to take a break they can remove a “break card” picture after asking.

• During the break your students can take an activity card from the activity cards deck if they need some inspiration

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